War Diary: Dragoons

So like the rest of the country, and obvious from my last post I’m depressed about Trump. But I decided to do the thing that I’ve been doing to escape my woes. Writing the damn screenplay.

I go through stages. There’s a lot of struggle at first but eventually it sort of becomes a video game and I end up living for the clicks of my mechanical keyboard. It gets addicting.

So I’m on what I’m calling version 5.7, the good news is the story is pretty good. It’s exciting. There’s a definite action My characters aren’t chewing the scenery. They’re pretty interesting too.

I even managed to get it down to an even 100 pages.

Yay me.

So it’s really polishes now. Better dialog / action, etc. But I did run into a snag. I think I cut a little too much. The scenes have a point but a lot of them get to the point a little too quick. Like there’s no ebb and flow.

I liken it to The Room almost. Like a character will show up, say his bit, then go off to the ether. Luckily it’s not as bad. But it’s still going to be more work than I was expecting for this polish. Also my grammar is terrible. Like laughably bad. So bad that I wonder why I even bother.

But I have been making progress and that’s the part I’m really excited about.

But again I’m determined to finish this thing soon so for the new year I can start harassing people about it.


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