And Done…

I don’t even want to think about about the amount of personal sacrifice it took in the past year.

But revisions are 100% done. I finally managed to streamline and get rid of earlier draft jank. It moves from the beginning to act three, where there’s a really great shoot out. That ends with a cool duel scene.

But I fucking mean it this time, revisions are DONE. Now its polish. Just pure polish.

So, god willing, unless I drop dead, which is likely with my luck. I’m finally done with the first script I’m going to shop around.

BTW, if you’re a manager or agent I’m not married to the idea of this being a full on movie. It’d work pretty great as a graphic novel or a comic mini-series. Or a TV movie. Or a Netflix movie. Or a mini series on AMC.

You know. I’m flexible.


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