A Trip Not Yet Taken

I’ve been working on Dragoons almost non-stop since I got divorced from my job. Although I’m not complaining about never stepping into that office ever again, I’ve been…

I don’t know. Not bored. But just ugh.

I’m getting close to finishing though. I’m hoping to do one giant polish this weekend and wrapping it up so I can start doing something with it.

I started looking at the other script I’ve been working on. That time travel thing I’ve been playing with for the longest time now. The latest version of that isn’t… bad.

It’s actually alright considering. A lot of the dialog is just terrible, but that’s easy enough to fix. The action is actually quite good. It’s a different style. Breezier.

I’m not entirely sure why. But my predominant theory is that it’s more comedic and sci-fi. Like a time traveling Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s not like Guardians at all, but its not so far different in tone. Dragoons is darker, heavier.

But going back to Dragoons, god willing I’ll be 100% done by the end of the weekend. After that I really don’t know what I’m going to do with it. Maybe send it out to friends and stuff, sure. But like the professional stuff like agents / managers / production companies I really don’t know.

Part of me does wonder if I have the courage to do that. Not to be a total sad sack, but the past few years haven’t gone well. Like at all. I desperately need something for the win column and failing at something else, and that something else being the one thing that I’ve wanted above all else since I was a child…

I don’t know how I could take it.

I remember reading something about Kurt Cobain years ago, is that he became a rock star because he had no other choice but to be one. Something about that resonated. Sometimes I wonder if that’s how it is with me but with my respective trade.

Anyway, fingers crossed, all that shit.

Sorry for being mopey.


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